GTView Mobile App

We are pleased to introduce our new mobile app, GTView. We hope that it will become a trusted companion in your travels. 

GTView is designed to:

Include as many useful features as possible into one app to make traveling easier

Help keep you and your company’s travellers stay safe and well-informed when they’re traveling

Please take a moment to look at the GTView video on this website. It will give you an overview of all of the features in the app.

Risk Alerts

GTView has several features that we feel are very important for your safety and security when you’re travelling. First, you will receive Risk Alerts. These Risk Alerts will immediately notify you of any disasters, storms, civil unrest, etc. that have occurred at your destination. Risk Alerts are location-specific so only travellers in or going to the impacted location will receive them. Global Travel will also receive the Risk Alerts so we will be aware of the situation and will be well prepared to assist you. In GTView, travellers have the ability to contact us by email or phone at any time if they need to make any changes to their itinerary.


Location Tracking

GTView also has the ability to locate your travellers via GPS in the event of an emergency. When you first download GTView, you will be prompted with a message to either grant authorisation to enable Location Tracking or to decide later. First of all, Location Tracking will only be activated when you are on a trip and only if you enable it. We are very sensitive to the fact that some people may not want be tracked. However, we do strongly encourage you to enable the Location Tracking in the event of an emergency as this will give us the ability to better assist you.


Dashboard and Location Map

If your company has a Travel Manager, we can also give that person access to GTView’s Travel Dashboard and Location map. That person can then identify the location of all of your company’s travellers at any time on their computer or mobile phone.


Future Bookings

Once you have installed GTView, all future bookings made with Global Travel will flow directly into your app. New segments, reissues and changes will be sent to the app if they are done in our reservation system. NOTE: If you make a change to your flight or flights directly with the airline, it will not be pushed to the app unless you notify us of the change.


Destination Guide

When an itinerary is received in GTView, travellers will automatically receive the Destination Travel Guides in GTView with everything you need to know about your destination – restaurants, attractions, shopping, entertainment, general information, maps, currency converter and much more.


Expense Management

There is a very handy, built-in Expense Management tool where travellers can enter their trip-related expenses and also take a snapshot of their receipts. They can then send their expenses and receipts via email and they are received in Microsoft Excel format. Receipts will be received as an image file - .jpg format.


Works Offline

Most of the features in GTView work without an internet connection. The only times you need to be connected are:

  • In order to receive flight updates or Risk Alerts
  • When you want to post something on social media or send an email from the app


The maps and navigation tools all work without an internet connection. So, for example, if you are at the airport and do not have an internet connection, you can still use the navigation tool to get directions to your hotel or any other destination.


There is so much more to GTView and future enhancements to make this app even better are constantly being developed. The best way to learn more about GTView is to give it a try. Most of the features are self-explanatory and we are sure it will become an indispensable and trusted assistant whenever you travel.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at


We hope you enjoy GTView!