Travel Trends for 2019… and Beyond

It’s shaping up to be a very interesting year in the world of travel. Things are changing at an increasingly ...
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Thoughts on the Future of Travel

There is so much happening in the world of travel right now but, perhaps like this edition’s cover photo, we ...
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How to Save Money, Time (and Headaches) on Your Company’s Business Travel

If your company is not looking to save money on its business travel in this past year, then your company ...
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The Cornerstone of a Well-Managed Corporate Travel Program

These days, all companies are looking for ways to save money on their business travel and one time-tested and proven ...
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The Most Important Thing to Look for in a Travel Managment Company

I’m reading lots of posts lately about trends in corporate travel. The number of amazing new tech tools is dizzying ...
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How to Find the Right Travel Management Company for your Singapore Business

There are two ways of finding the right Travel Management Company for your Singapore business. The first option is by ...
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I Bet Your Travel Program is not as “Managed”​ as you think it is

Despite all of the financial and political instability in the world, businesses still need to travel in order to stay ...
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Preparing for the “Unknowns” in Travel

Travel the Unknown Every day of our life contains an element of the unknown and a story yet to unfold ...
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Why Global Travel?

Why Global Travel? I often hear from companies that “We are booking online to save money”. However, does it really ...
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